Why you should elope in France

Elopement in France : what does YOUR dream wedding look like ?

Have you ever thought about eloping in France ? Maybe this is your dream wedding !

Big receptions with many guests are not for every couple. You can choose what is best for you and go for an intimate ceremony if you would rather have a curated guest list with only close friends and family.

Even though I have seen some magnificient events in breathtaking venues with a multitude of attendees, I truly believe that the most intimate weddings are the ones that suit me the most. I have always noticed that the more guests are invited, the less time the couple spend together on their D-day. Yet, this day celebrating the union between two people should be the one where they stay close toghether and share every second, don’t you think so ?

5 best reasons to elope

Here are the top reasons why I would advise you should elope :

  • you want to RELAX without stress !
  • you can combine your wedding and your honeymoon during the same HOLIDAYS
  • if at least one of you is SHY, you won’t have to feel unsecure in front of many people
  • you can keep a very short list of guests, especially if you have FAMILY STRUGGLES
  • you can use your money for what you VALUE the most and get an incredible experience for both of you, instead of wasting money to feed multiple guests in a prestigious location that is not the right fit for you

Where and how to elope in France

Have you ever been to France before ? Is there some special places where you would like to elope ?

Here are a few spots you can consider :

  • Provence : if you are looking for sunlight, lavender fiels, vineyards, you should organise your wedding in the south of France ! You don’t even have to choose between the moutains or the beach nearby, and you can walk down the French Riviera or climb in the woods !
  • Paris : do you want to feel what it is like to be in THE most romantic city in the world ? Take a chance to discover this famous town, have a walk in front of the Eiffel Tower, share a meal one the Seine River…
  • White Cliffs and Grey Cliffs in the North of France : they are perfect if you were looking to elope in the Scottish Highlands at first ! You will fall in love with the landscapes and the seaviews !

Let’s plan your destination wedding in France together !

I am very much eager to help you plan your incredible experience in my home country !

So if you are ready to plan your destination wedding in France, let’s talk together and make it happen wherever you want !

If you are planning your wedding from the UK, the USA or any other english speaking country, please note that I used to live in London, so I speak English fluently. I also spent a year in Cape Verde and I speak portuguese easily (even though I am better at kriolu !). I can understand spanish quite well and a bit of italian, but I never really had the opportunity to practice languages so I am not very good at speaking these.

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